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Profile: Svyatoslav Ganuta

Svyatoslav is the one, who created ‘Echogrow’ – a unique and 100% organic hair treatment and restoration hair mask.

Since 2008 Svyatoslav lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

In 2010 he was working as a Director of the Russian newspaper in the UK ‘MK Britannia’ –   ‘Moskovskiy Komsomoletz v Britanyi’.

From 2011 to 2012 Svyatoslav was a personal physiotherapist and masseur of the Russian Ambassador in the UK, London.  Svyatoslav was treating not only the Ambassador – Mr Yakovenko, but members of his family as well.

For over four years, from the age of 16, Svyatoslav was living with and learning from   the greatest healers and masters of martial arts, meditation and acupuncture of Vietnam.  Also, for two years Svyatoslav was living in North Korea where he was trained by masters of acupuncture and Taekwondo. In addition, for over three years he was studying and practising Tantra and medicine with Tibetan monks.

Moreover, Svyatoslav was taught and trained by Shao Lin masters of Qigong and Kungfu.  Lastly, in Spain he improved his knowledge of Korean acupuncture.

Svyatoslsav specialises in alternative oriental medicine. He is a certified master of Tibetan and European massage techniques with over 25 years of experience.  The qualification was gained at London Middlesex University, department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Master of Acupuncture), as well as at the Acu Medic TCM Centre (CD Pathology of Chinese Medicine) which he finished in October 2009.

In 2002, in Latvia, Svyatoslav successfully completed a one-year practical course of Psychology.  He studied a number of communication techniques: ‘How to discover your own potential’, ‘How to feel relaxed during a communication’, ‘How to present yourself the best possible way during a job interview’ etc.

In addition, Svyatoslav is a multiple winner of Sambo Championships of the former Soviet Union in 1983-1986; Champion of Latvia in Judo in 1986; multiple champion of Russia, Latvia, Ukraine in sparring competitions with machetes or armless.  Moreover, he was a medallist in the fight Kuryash in 2006.

As a practising master of Oriental philosophy and the Art of Chinese Qi Gong, Svyatoslav is also a specialist in Tibetan mediation.  He was taught and educated by different masters in different countries: Li Huang Hee – in Vietnam, province Bin Ding; by Yan Khomelianskiy – in Canada and Israel; by Aleksandr Moskvin – in Latvia; by the Director of Tibetan Library Dubun Tulku – in India; by Khvan Sen Ho and Khan E Kvon Il – in North Korea; by Master Chan Lea – in Shao Lyn Monastery.

As an addition to his religious education, Svyatoslav completed 10-year training in studying Bible at ‘Researchers of Bible’ international organisation. He served as a missionary in Latvia and Russia from 1997 to 2001.

Svyatoslav is an author and creator of a number of methods in healing therapy and massage techniques.  He wrote a series of books under the name – ‘Forgotten Secrets of our Ancestors’.

In his treatment Svyatoslav applies his vast knowledge and experience using different techniques and methods to achieve the best results for each individual patient.

His approach is based on the deep understanding and variety of skills using multiple techniques for healing purposes.


Full Body Sport Massage

5060 minutes

Back Sport Massage

3530 minutes

Honey Back Detox Massage

3040 minutes


Migreny - Tibetan Head Massage + Acupuntura

3030 minutes

For Nerve Sistem Massage - Tibetan Massage for (Head, Hands, Acupresure)

6050 minutes

Treatment of Organs and Nerve Sistem - Tibetan Massage

3530 minutes

Facial ------- Tibetan Massage with Herbal Mask

3550 minutes


3040 minutes

Stop Smoking/ Drugs/ Alcohol - Acupuntura

2040 minutes

Artrits at Hands/ Fingers - Massage + Acupuntura

3550 minutes

Nos Bleeding - Moxibution + Acupuntura

3545 minutes

Beauty Treatments

Facial - Tibetan Massage with Herbal Mask

3550 minutes

Hair Treatment by Hair Mask Echogrow + Head Massage

3045 minutes

Pain Teraphy and Treatments

Neck pain - Neck and Shoulders Massage + Acupuntura

3545 minutes

Arm pain - Massage + Acupuntura

3030 minutes

Leg pain - Massage + Acupuntura

3030 minutes

Back pain - Massage + Acupuntura

5060 minutes

Low Back pain - Massage + Acupuntura

5060 minutes

Feet pain - Massage + Acupuntura

5060 minutes